Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waiting, browsing, lusting.

My Super Bowl Sunday had little to do with the Super Bowl but a lot to do with very hispanic food from a nice restaurant in Tampa. My sunday also consisted of purchasing two new things on Etsy. Gosh, I love Etsy. Too much for my own health. After I find the tights I've been looking for I will be more than done with my spending for this umm... next two months?

I'm waitin for these items to come in the mail. The first two I just purchased. The other two are a late Christmas gift :D I cannot wait to receive these packages! We do remember my love for packages right?


These look super comfortable. I love love love

When I first saw this I didn't look at it for more than 2 seconds before I moved on to the next item. I came across it again today and all these ideas of how I could style it came to mind! I think this mannequin does this awesome romper no justice. We shall find out soon!

I've been dreaming of these for far too long. They finally went on sale yay!

This jumper reminds me of an empty canvas ready to get painted on. I'm excited for this one.


UK Harper's Baazar Magazine Editorial

Bottega Veneta SS ' 10 Collection. Yeah that bag is real nice but did you see that man?!

Lady Gaga is going to be Polaroid's new face. So excited! I love polaroids and I love Lady Gaga. This campaign is going to be gooood

Even more Wang. Alexander Wang is collaborating with Gaia Repossi on a Fall 2010 jewelry collection. (vis


These Wolford's tights might be the tights I've been looking for! I haven't checked the price yet.... eeeeek.

Yup, Wang Porn. Alexander Wang can do no wrong. I'm glad grays are here to stay this Spring.

More Wang. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! Yes, you caught me! This is a big part of the reason why I just purchased those leopard pumps. (via

Tuxedo Cardigans by The Hellers. (via


Rebecca said...

the wang leopard wedges will always hold a place in my hear

Sarah said...

love the mesh jumpsuit, the shoes and the wolfords tight mmmm :P

Jessica said...

Great mix of stuff! I want that gaia repossi ring! it so beautiful!!

sb said...

who doesn't love a little good wang porn! and doesn't bottega veneta always have the most fabulous ads??