Friday, February 5, 2010

Step one

Ello! After many months of pondering the idea of starting one of these I have finally concluded... why not?
So from now on this will be a space for not only my interpretations of new fashions but my interpretations on everything else.
For starters... I believe blogging is about believing your thoughts are indeed important thus embracing them in a post.

Here we go... dun dun dun!
Fashion interpretation numero uno:

[f21 top; handmade skirt (and by hand, I mean my hands); thrifted bag]

[My mother's shoes]

Say hi to my 'forever on me' bracelet and hair tie. So chic.


Lenne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! (:
That's an amazing skirt! How long did it take you?

heraid said...

It actually took me no time because I didnt do such a hot job at it. The fabric is what makes it so fabulous! My grandma sent me scrap fabrics and happened to send me just enough of this one to make that skirt.
Sometimes this week I'm going to mend that skirt before it falls apart.

Harley Wolf said...

youre so naturally gorgeous!! love your blog! thanks so much for visiting mine! be sure to keep stopping back for my up and coming DIYS etc :) xx