Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Animal print, Animal skin

PETA please don't come for me.

(Random brand coat; f21 old top; thrifted and altered leather skirt; f21 tights; target socks; thrifted bag;)

This is my friend Michael Rockmore DeVore. He is super cool and has awesome shoes. We went and watched a movie that night. Something Wolf. It was sappy. But I think it was good...
You know what is good? The Assassination of a HIgh School President. I saw it last night.
You know what else is good? I got this

for $1!!! That's mesh is the middle. Its super cute and comfortable and fits loosely. I cannot wait to wear it! We've had a bit of a cold front in FL hence the coat and the socks and what not. If you've been keeping track, I've yet to post pictures of like four? new items? Obviously, I haven't even been keeping count. I also got a BF Blazer, a peach/pink lacy tank top, and high wasted demin shorts. All for less than $20. My mom went thrifting with me for the second time ever yesterday and she actually really liked. She even got two dresses. She still doesn't get why I'm into the 80's but I must say my mother is quite a stylish lady. I'll get a picture of her soon. I've got a hot mom, you totally want see her :]

ONE MORE THING, I'm selling these super duper awesome boots. They are a 5 1/2 and have been worn maybe twice. So if you know anyone with tiny feet, let them know :]
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$35 (shipping included :])


fadetoblack said...

dam too small for me but they are cute :)

Sarah said...

cute outfit! i follow ur blog via bloglovin' -u shud get a badge on ur page :) and i wana see u wear that black top with the mesh middle cuz u cant really see the texture in the pic x

Ally said...

this outfit is soooo cute! i've been in the market for a sweet leather skirt like that...

I am Khatu said...

love the knee highs!

apparellel said...

love your leather skirt with the lace tights and thigh highs. looking gorgeous!