Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can't Help But Smiling

When I saw these babies online I died a little inside. A good kind of dying, sort of like, un petite mort of shopping. I buy them. Four hours later I decide I don't like them anymore. They arrived yesterday, and being the fact that I saw a package in my mail box I got REALLY excited. I love love love packages no matter what is in them. I desperately open the package knowing exactly what will be in it. Turns out, the excitement of the package carried over to actually seeing the shoes and I think I love them all over again. Today, I do laundry so I can have all my clothes in sight when I try to coordinate outfits to go with these babies. THE END.

Its not the end. This is what I wore yesterday while I went around doing errands. These booties are surprisingly comfortable enabling me to be walking around in them all day. But even if they weren't.... I couldn't imagine this outfit without them.


I can't help but listen to this over and over and over and over etc. again.


Adela said...

i love that colorful pair of shoes! so cute! and the hot pink of your shirt is so new and refreshing

Anonymous said...

Oooh gorgeous shoes!
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Anonymous said...

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