Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Fun Day

Thursdays consist of me babysitting from 830am to 5pm. But today I'm here until 7ish.What does one wear to such event?

(H&M Sweater; Vintage necklace, f21 burgundy velvet pants)
This is the closest I've gotten to being any sort of stylish while hanging out with babies. I just got these pants from Forever 21 for $5. They are my new favorite thing. Besides the Steve Madden Oxfords. I've decided to call those my Stevo's btw. Obviously, I don't get expensive shoes often. Anyhow, I do not understand why Forever 21 would have these pants on sale. Have they not been paying attention to NYFW. Velvet everywhere. But whatever. We win :] I live in Fl so unfortunately in about a month, maybe less, these babies will be put away until Next December when the temperature drops from 85.

Now where is the fun in my Thursdays? Well, God knows that the only reason I wake up on Thursdays is because of NBC Thursday Nights Comedy. At 759pm I'm sprinting towards my living room and shh-ing anyone who might be making a sound. Community is on at 8. Every line, every word, every gesture in that show, I love. Which brings me to this!

There are numerous reasons why I love this look book.
Fashionable reasons - I mean, look at this look book. Its the epitome of summer.Hats. Sandals. Boys is short shorts. Pastels and whites but yay, still some black!. Flowy dresses. Cuffed pants! The Vintage feel. Nautical theme making us long to be on a boat or on the beach.
Non fashionable reasons- Donald Glover is on the show Community. This lady, from Knocked Up is super funny and whaaaaaaaa James Franco has a younger-just-as-hot brother!? Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 is the look book of my dreams.

So I'm behind on life and just heard the newest Vampire Weekend album... I was scared at first but holy crap. Its better than the first one.


MOLLYKT said...

you have gorgeous style- i love the lookbook too!

Nathaniel said...

Love this! Great blog!

Marjorie said...

gorgeous post :)
great blog!
stop by some time xx

Mouthwash said...

great pants!! love velvet!


Sarah Jane said...

I love the baby sitting ensemble, simple and chic! I love the lookbook you posted, nautical is something I want to try for spring :) I hate this cold weather though, I'm running out of ideas for what to wear lol

the girl in grey said...

Love all of this.