Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets stitch things up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(shirt, pants, most jewelry from F21; shoes, Steve Madden; belt, thrifted)
Today was great! I had a photosesh with an awesome girl named Nina Grace (blog). I mentioned her in Some Words and Something Pretty. We took some really cool pictures, I can't wait to see how they turned out!Oh how I hope I didn't look totally awkward in them. I wore that Cache romper I got from Etsy a couple of weeks. Another great thing that happened today was my purchasing of a SEWING MACHINE! On my post Bright Star I mentioned I was really inspired by this movie and that I came up with a few designs. I also mentioned how bad I am at sitting down and getting things done. Well, I surprised myself by putting this design on paper. I figured if I could accomplish that in record time then I can also accomplish bringing that design to life. The only problem, I am no seamstress. But my grandma is an amazing one, so if she can do it. So can I! Next week I start a few lessons. Tonight I begin some self-taught learning.

Vogue December 2009// Since watching the Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus, Lilly Cole is one of my favorite things in the world. And this Editorial, although in a Winter issue, screams beautiful spring to me. Maybe its Lilly's awesome red hair. Or wait no, its the flats with the socks and the pastels. Lady Gaga is in this... she is also on my list of favorite things in the world... ADORE this editorial by
Annie Leibovitz.



madeleine said...

I love your blog! fabulous posts and fantastic pictures! I adore your rings in the 2nd picture, and Lady Gaga is on my list of favorite things in the world... but who's list is she NOT on, right? Fabulous. I'm following.

stay classy love.

megara said...

sewing machine?? jealous! you'll have to post your wonderful creations!!

love your outfit, and want your rings!

The F Word Online said...

LOVE the photos and love the accessories girl - esp the chunky ring !

xx lue

Sarah said...

changed your banner again? this ones cool too :) and the fotoshoot looked like it turned out well


hello girl!

so cool blog, look and rings!
you look amazing!!!!!
Thanks a lot for passing by!
Be always welcome!
see you!


Kirsha said...

Very nice shoes and ring of course. Lily Cole it's one of my favourite model, her beauty is amazing!

thischicksgotstyle said...

Wow, you're really pretty!

Kaja said...

thanks. :) beautiful photos.
i like your rings. :D

Posh said...

You are gorgeous!

Vanilla. said...

Lovely blog!
Thanks for the comment on mine! :)

Lali said...

You look great!!

ponyhunter said...

i really like those shoes.

Mouthwash said...

great oufit!! and love the jewelry!


playwithfashion said...

Shirt really fits U!!! And your rings are stunning! Love the owl:)

libys11 said...

those pictures are magical! :D

for the connected rings, they're pretty hard to fin in f21. i had to scout all the accessory baskets just to find them!

sophiemei said...

thanks for ur comment! i love ur post, love ur gorgeous accessorise and we all love lilly she is adorable.

Raez said...

love lily cole! this is amazing!

xx raez

Lori said...

i loved this ed, looks like it came from a movie

bijoubijou said...

cute rings!

like this editorial!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Love your outfit!! That editorial is one of my favorites! xoxoxoxo

Anna G said...

Lily Cole is breathtakingly gorgeous. You are too adorable. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Romany said...

I'm obsessed with red hair at the moment, ever since I decided I might dye my hair red the colour has been haunting me (in a good way haha)!
Love your jeans -- those top two photos are cool, like something from a magazine.

Orphaned Apparel said...

Great post. Love your outfit and the editorial.

Clara said...

lovely pics
your blog is great

Clara said...

OMGG! i love all those pics
your blog is GREAT!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love the pictures you took! they seriously look like they're from a catalogue!
xoxo alison

bravegrrl said...

what an awesome editorial!


Anita Spaeth said...

i just watched this movie 2 days ago and was half confused and half blown away! tom waits was a delicious old man and the costumes were amazing! this movie blurred the lines between performance art and film. ugh! so good

Romi said...

♥ Lily Cole