Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boom boom lights!

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My super cool brother was in town for the night last night. We went out to a club where his best friend works the lights and got to chill behind the booth where all the boards that light up are. I found this to be very very fun given the fact I'm not a fan of clubs. I like music, I like dancing, I like lights but I don't like standing around for too long and my love for music and dancing isn't greater than my love for people watching. From the stage, I sat and just stared into the crazy crowd. Its cool to watch people just be. In those moments of observing them you learn a little about them. Even if its just how they act in that certain situation. So maybe this sounds a little creepy... but you should try it. I just have a fascination with humans and how we interact and feel and alllll that. ANYHOW, above is what I wore and below is some pictures I took.
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This button flashes really bright lights. They press it during dramatic parts of songs. I was very scared to touch the button. I felt if I pressed it at the wrong time I would mess up the whole song for everyone. But once I got started.... man that button is SO fun.
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Sarah Jane said...

I love your outfit, I can't believe a stylish person from Saint Petersburg found me lol :)


well done, you put it it together girl, the skinny jeans, the animal print shirt and a splash of red in the mix!

Anonymous said...

YOu look gorgeous! I love your top:)

apparellel said...

ahhhh... i remember the good 'ol club days. haha! you look fantastic!


Milla said...

Love the top and the shoes! :)

Sher said...

Oh wow, I really love your leopard top!! I'm so into leopard nowadays:P


Nathalie said...

Great pictures and adorable outfti

Jonesy said...

CUTE blog : ) I'm following.