Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey guys, love you so much for commenting and following!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Palo Alto, CA

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(JCPenny blazer; thrifted top; F21 jewelry and pants; Target boots)
I've been having too much fun with photoshop :] But this picture really portrays how this outfit makes me feel. I feel sort of badass, all kinds of fabulous and very excited to have finally have found a blazer that fits me like I want it too. I've been in need of a blazer with a vintage 1980's boyfriend fit. I thought I would find one at a thrift store but no luck. I looked at vintage shops online and I did find a few but they were over priced and there is always that possibility of it not fitting like you want it to. Then I found this! JCPenny seems to have a bad reputation. Not classy, not chic, too cheap? Bullshit. Except for the too cheap part. But my blog is called Poorly Fashioned after all... . I love this place. You have to search a lot but they are very up to date with trends and there is never a day when there isn't a sale. Things are never ever full price. You have to look in the woman's department. Juniors is a total joke. This blazer is perfect. Not to heavy, perfect fit. But here is the trick... Its a size 12. This size was just the right length and right amount of baggy and came with shoulder pads and all. It might as well be vintage. Finds and tricks like this is why I love fashion and why I don't mind being on a budget. The day I went they had all their fall stuff on 60% off! This cost me, $22.
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These two things I also got from JCPenny. Once again I went big on the sizes. This tank top is an XL but fits just like a tank dress. It will be perfect for summer. I'm planning on wearing it with strapless bra-like things like the one above. I need to buy more! The tank top was $3!!!!!!! These pants... man I love these pants! They remind me A LOT of these American Apparel pants
that I almost bought online the other day. Thank god I didn't. Once again, there is a great chance the fit might be weird, especially with these hips. These JCPenny pants cost me $15 and fit like they were made especially for me. The bagginess doesn't accentuate my hips, it actually makes them look slimmer! And mannn are they comfortable. I cannot wait to wear them!

This post is titled Palo Alto because that is the name of the movie I'm watching right now. Its greatttt! You should check it out. Indie, funny and sort of romantic.

Headband DIY

My friend Haleigh received a lovely package that did not have a bow on it, instead it had a very unique decoration. A ribbon passing through circles cut out of felt. Immediately after seeing it, it was decided that it would make a great headband.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Its as easy as cutting out circles of felt fabric, making small slits in the center and bring the ribbon through them.
I love it because you can add as many circles as you want and with one ribbon you can interchange the circles and have many headbands in one!
I had two of these and given I'm on a stitching stuff up binge, I decided I would stitch this up as well.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By doing this I took away the versatility of the headband but I think its super cute! And I still have the other one!

Here are the pictures from the shoot I did with the lovely Nina Grace

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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(vintage romper; h&m vest; steve madden shoes)
I was surprised these turned out so good because you should see the rest... saying I'm an awkward model is being nice! But hopefully we'll get to do it again and we can both try not to be so shy! I love these a lot though. She's great!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets stitch things up!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(shirt, pants, most jewelry from F21; shoes, Steve Madden; belt, thrifted)
Today was great! I had a photosesh with an awesome girl named Nina Grace (blog). I mentioned her in Some Words and Something Pretty. We took some really cool pictures, I can't wait to see how they turned out!Oh how I hope I didn't look totally awkward in them. I wore that Cache romper I got from Etsy a couple of weeks. Another great thing that happened today was my purchasing of a SEWING MACHINE! On my post Bright Star I mentioned I was really inspired by this movie and that I came up with a few designs. I also mentioned how bad I am at sitting down and getting things done. Well, I surprised myself by putting this design on paper. I figured if I could accomplish that in record time then I can also accomplish bringing that design to life. The only problem, I am no seamstress. But my grandma is an amazing one, so if she can do it. So can I! Next week I start a few lessons. Tonight I begin some self-taught learning.

Vogue December 2009// Since watching the Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus, Lilly Cole is one of my favorite things in the world. And this Editorial, although in a Winter issue, screams beautiful spring to me. Maybe its Lilly's awesome red hair. Or wait no, its the flats with the socks and the pastels. Lady Gaga is in this... she is also on my list of favorite things in the world... ADORE this editorial by
Annie Leibovitz.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Poorly Fashioned conquers HTML

I did it! I dove into the world of html AND photoshop all in one night and came up with this.... what do you think?
I'm exhausted from looking at HTML color charts for too long. I leave you with something pretty.

Vogue Nippon March 2010/Anja Rubik by Camila Akrans
I want to get married here and in one of those outfits (Yes, even the lingerie). Digging the sheer white thigh highs, hair bow, and white lace up booties!

Some words and something pretty

I just needed to tell you guys that as soon as I get home from babysitting I will do that I can to learn HTML and fix this page up! I really dislike how plain it is, truly driving me crrazyy. I will also experiment a little with picture taking.

One more thing, Wednesday I will be doing a little photo shoot with an awesome girl from St.Pete who was awesome enough to offer to take pictures of me after seeing my blog. My pictures must be THAT bad! Ha. I don't have her link right now but I will post it soon. I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. I'm pretty sure I'm a horribly awkward model so it should interesting...

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Maria Carla Boscono
wish I knew where I got this

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bright Star

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(random sweater; thrifted Ann Taylor top,necklace; vintage belt, shoes bracelet; f21 shorts, rings,bracelets)

I wore this to play shuffle board. Yeah... shuffle board. It was my first time and it was surprisingly fun. But I'm definitely not going back unless I'm drunk. I woke up this morning with a cold from hell. Yeah... I imagine hell to be super hot and super cold. Anyhow, I think I might have caught the cold by not wearing real pants while being outside for too long in coldish weather. Or maybe from touching those dirty sticks used to play shuffle board and then proceeding to eat brownies and pizza. Both hand held foods. Eeeek. I really like this outfit. It has a classy feel which stops at my butt where the shorts end. The shoes gave it an 80's vibe and the socks I think went well with shuffle boarding. Old ladies wear socks this way, and old ladies love shuffle board.
I've yet to resume eyeing the collections from NYFW. I'm sure I'm missing out but I felt that since I started the blog the only thing I do is look up fashion related thing in a forced manner. I forgot that I love music and movies and art and literature!... So lately I've been trying to manage my hobbies better. One way I did this was by watching a MOVIE about a girl who is a FASHION student and falls in love with John Keats a 19th century POET! Good right? It's called Bright Star and it was nominated for an Oscar. I loved it. I was so inspired by the way she dressed. It was very 19th century but her outfits were very detailed and you could tell her clothes were different from the other women in the movies. I came up with a few design ideas but haven't put them on paper yet and I probably won't for a while because I have a problem with sitting down and doing things. Watch the movie. You'll love it. The cinematography is great. Every scene looks like a beautiful picture.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Fun Day

Thursdays consist of me babysitting from 830am to 5pm. But today I'm here until 7ish.What does one wear to such event?

(H&M Sweater; Vintage necklace, f21 burgundy velvet pants)
This is the closest I've gotten to being any sort of stylish while hanging out with babies. I just got these pants from Forever 21 for $5. They are my new favorite thing. Besides the Steve Madden Oxfords. I've decided to call those my Stevo's btw. Obviously, I don't get expensive shoes often. Anyhow, I do not understand why Forever 21 would have these pants on sale. Have they not been paying attention to NYFW. Velvet everywhere. But whatever. We win :] I live in Fl so unfortunately in about a month, maybe less, these babies will be put away until Next December when the temperature drops from 85.

Now where is the fun in my Thursdays? Well, God knows that the only reason I wake up on Thursdays is because of NBC Thursday Nights Comedy. At 759pm I'm sprinting towards my living room and shh-ing anyone who might be making a sound. Community is on at 8. Every line, every word, every gesture in that show, I love. Which brings me to this!

There are numerous reasons why I love this look book.
Fashionable reasons - I mean, look at this look book. Its the epitome of summer.Hats. Sandals. Boys is short shorts. Pastels and whites but yay, still some black!. Flowy dresses. Cuffed pants! The Vintage feel. Nautical theme making us long to be on a boat or on the beach.
Non fashionable reasons- Donald Glover is on the show Community. This lady, from Knocked Up is super funny and whaaaaaaaa James Franco has a younger-just-as-hot brother!? Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 is the look book of my dreams.

So I'm behind on life and just heard the newest Vampire Weekend album... I was scared at first but holy crap. Its better than the first one.