Thursday, July 1, 2010

On a shopping high

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I'm sorry for the low quality picture! Luckily, the most important points of this picture are clear. 1. How happy shopping makes and 2. the fact that my favorite shorts match my favorite purse. Both those items were $4! The top I am wearing was also thrifted for about $4 too! Its sheer... of course. I haven't bought a top that isn't see through in four months.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer :]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You wouldn't believe it if I told you

Alright, so the title is a bit dramatic and mostly false. I don't have much to say to excuse my bad blogger behavior.
Since my last post I landed an internship at an art gallery/vintage boutique with the most amazing owner. She's a photographer and jewelry designer and anything else that requires creativity. I don't start the internship until August but I have been helping out at the gallery by modeling for its monthly art parties. The last one was yesterday and the theme was Dada. The current intern designed some awesomely crazy outfits from reconstructed vintage clothes and our hair and make up was 1940's inspired. So what else could I do the day after the show then to put red lipstick on and leave the waves in my hair?
I have mentioned in other posts that when I like something I like it too much... well readers... I'm REALLY liking the 1940's. Brace yourself for lipstick and waves posts for the next few weeks.



PS- My camera sucks... wrong time stamp.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lace for all

When I think of lace I usually imagine something like this

But I've never really been that kind of girl. The beauty of fashion, however, is the creativity of it and the freedom to put your personal spin on it.
Here are a few girl's take on the not necessarily romantic and extremely girly-lace ...

Lace accessories

Nautical Lace

Dark yet dreamy lace

Romantic Rock

Boho Chic Lace

Classic Lace

Provocative Lace

Romantic Adventure

Subtle Lace

Retro Lace

Downtown Lace

Casual Lace

Vintage Lace

I tend to like to mix opposites...How about Goths and Ballerinas? Interview Magazine April 2010

more of this editorial here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I never do my nails. I never remember and I've never bought a nail polish I'm madly in love with with. But I think I am going to start making 'em pretty... another way to get creative!

Now that's character!

This is an ad... and a joke. But I'd DEFINITELY have that done to my nails if I knew someone that had the sort of patience doing this would require!

This may very well be the gaudiest thing I've ever seen but I'm really drawn to it. In the same way we're drawn to the cigarettes covering Lady Gaga's sunglasses. Is Gaga a compliment yet? You know, like "That's so GAGA!" Meaning fabulously outrageous.

Something else I do not own but would like to... Red lipstick

I miss outfit posts :[ I will take pictures soon.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Fille

I've been dreaming of headbands a lot lately. I feel they look funny on me but I still very much adore them.
I found this strictly headbands brand. Little Fille. Even the name is so appropriate and precious. These are definitely the amazing headbands ever. I guess they must be if this is their specialization.

You can find these at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to black

I've worn out my love of florals for this month. I have this problem... binging on stuff I love and finally wanting nothing to do with it. This is what I did with Florals. Ill like them again in about a month. So this is what I love right now.



Gareth Pugh Wedges via

Devendra Banhart being cool dressed so well
Sophie Vlaming by Stefania Paparelli | Grey Spring 2010 via

baggy socks at Nastygal via


Here is something else I've been exposing myself to in large doses. This has been going on since the Arctic Monkeys show. They were the opening band and I just can't get enough.

Speaking of the Arctic Monkeys show, I should let you guys know that I ruined these shoes

That was my second time wearing them so yes, I am still in mourning. When I realized they were destroyed I put them back in their box and haven't looked at them since then. I am sort of hoping they will self repair.