Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Paris Vogue April 2010

Garance Dore
30 Days of Blogging
Day 7. Photo that makes you happy

My best friends. They are perfect for me. As awkward as that may sound. I think you guys get it though.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes :D


madeleine said...

Everyone knows the value of best friends who are perfect for you!!!!
I've just awarded you and your classy blog the Sunshine award!! check out my blog for the deets!

stay classy!


Robyn said...

Aww no it totally makes sense! Did you ever read Anne of Green Gables? She used to call her best friends "kindred spirits," and I've always found that quite fitting. :)

Also, I always love mixing prints. Lovely images!


Rae said...

Beautiful photos! I love the model in the editorial in the first couple of photos! Thanks for the lovely comment, don't hesitate on following! I'll follow your lovely blog if you follow mine :D

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Love the inspiration. Prints are a must have. The top one is amazing