Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Excuses

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(thrifted blazer; JCP tank top; f21 belt; Jeffrey Campbell shoes)
I want to introduce to you my new shoes. They are the most expensive shoes I've ever bought.They are Jeffrey Campbell and are a dream come true. They couldn't be more perfect if they tried. I think that after cleaning so much baby butt, I deserved something nice for my feet. I wore this yesterday to go shopping with a friend and to grab some lunch. Turns out, these magnificent shoes came with a lot of criticism from others and unwated and unnecessary questions...

My shoes were too tall. They were also too much. They aren't casual. They wash out my skin tone. They are too loud. Who was I trying to impress by wearing these shoes? Why couldn't I wear a different pair of shoes?
There was also criticism of my outfit overall:
You are wearing brown and black! You can't think that belt is going to bring the entire outfit together.
Most of these remarks came from a guy who once dyed his hair blue, another time he dyed it pink and he wears the same green Adidas almost everyday, whether they match his outfit or not. I was beyond annoyed but most of all I was in shock. I am used to people having something to say about things I wear but never this much, and never with an item which I thought wasn't all that out there. At the time of this unfair trial I was too shocked to address all these remarks. All I could say was, I like it and that is the only requirement I need to wear something.
I now want to address all of these remarks.

Your shoes are too tall:My shoes are tall indeed. But TOO tall? Who set the standards for appropriate shoe height? If you are concerned for my comfort... well, I thank you. I too love comfort and that is why these shoes couldn't be any more comfortable if they were 5 inches shorter.
They are too much: I don't know what this means. Again, where are you getting these standards?
Not casual: A wooden wedge, a neutral tan color, almost clogs... which one of these things do not qualify as casual to you?
They wash out my skin tone: Great observation. I happen to think this washing out effect you speak of, makes my legs look longer.
They are too loud because they are so tall: I have shorter shoes that are just as loud. The day people start apologizing to me for their loud annoying behavior will be the day I stop wearing loud shoes.
Who are you trying to impress? Obviously not you or I would be wearing something else. And obviously, I'm not trying to impress anyone else in this town because they all seem to think like you do. So I guess the answer is, no one except my inner fashionista that always needs to be satisfied.
You can't think that belt is going to bring the entire outfit together: Actually I do think so. Can you prove otherwise?
You are wearing brown and black!: I am. I am wearing two neutrals. Yeah... neutrals.
AND FINALLY Why couldn't you wear a different pair of shoes? Because I wear what I please. I being the keyword.

Now that I am done with that I feel I have wasted my time. I don't have to excuse myself for what I am wearing. I don't ask anyone else to explain to me their interests or taste in things. Fashion is an artsy science as far as I'm concerned. There are rules and tricks mostly regarding the fit of clothes and how they are made -Science. But fashion leaves so much room for interpretation, and personal style. -art. In art and science there is pleasure. That is what I find in Fashion... something I enjoy. I choose to follow it and study it for hours just like bird watchers sit in their chairs and take pictures of birds for hours. I dare you to go tell one of those people that what they are doing is stupid.

Definition of
Fashion - The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior.
Anyone who is fashion forward is... well, fashion FORWARD. Meaning what we are wearing is part of culture, its a trend, it's HISTORY. Excusing yourself for being educated in such area is ridiculous.
Rumi from FashionToast said this
"people in the streets aren't dressing to please me, why should I take them into account when dressing myself?" Could not have said it better myself.


Ce qui m'inspire said...

I think your shoes are pretty sweet, and I really love the colour of your jacket. I think the combination of the black, brown and blue is fantastic!

Ce qui m'inspire

Rosie said...

Poorly fashioned? I'm gunna totally disagree with that! I love that aqua color on you. And those shoes! Absurdly tall? Yes! Absolutely sublime? I think so! God, I'm drooling here!

N~Grace said...

Do YOU! I love this post, sticking to what YOU believe in, who cares what some prick thinks...
I love your outfit, honestly I'm not sure anyone else could pull it off Better, so it suits you perfectly =)

Jasmine said...

that blue blazer is amazing! it's such a great contrast to your red wall, which i'm in love with! it makes me want to paint my whole house red!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this outfit!
the blazer and the shoes are amazing, and you have great hair too :)

Anonymous said...

Amazzinggg shoes.
Your whole outfit is awesome (i think the belt ties thing up quite nicely).

HippieMädchen said...

thank you:)

Diya said...

love love LOVE that teal blazer! teal's my fave color.

ps. take a second to visit my new blog!

Lucy Laucht said...

Nice shoes!
Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

Pia said...

i personally love this outfit. and you can rock it.

playwithfashion said...

Great look!!!

Isabel said...

i love the colour of the blazer!

Walk of Fashion

Jessica said...

LOVE your shoes. I actually blogged about them recently in a wishlist post!

szela said...

i love your outfit! can i pretty please have your shoes?? hehehe.

love your red wall too! i've just painted one of the walls in my room in almost the same shade of red as yours!

ps. following you now.

Tiffany* said...

1. I happen to love your shoes.
2. The people who probably said this don't know what style is and were just jealous.
3. Never listen to what others say! You'll go further if you ignore the criticism and do what you want :)

Ever notice that when people have something nice to say they don't say it? And when they have something rude to say they just can't seem to shut up? Everyone is allowed to have an opinion- i think they should keep it to themselves. You look great in these pictures!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm loving yours :)

Jessica said...

Awesome. those wedges look just like the celine ones. and you have great style girl! i'm so sorry i have been so out of blogging just been so busy in the real world.. but i will definitely be following you more up to date!