Thursday, March 25, 2010

A pop of color

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I put this on practically in my sleep. I had to wake up too early to go see the doctor and run some errands. So I grabbed these pants that were conveniently never put away then one of the only tops I have clean (Its a floral lace somewhat see-through fabric). I remembered it was Spring and grabbed this awesome thrifted blazer. Nothing fancy and I like it.

I received this award from the very sweet and fabulous Madeline of Kiss My Sass (ha.. I love that)

I have to tag 12 bloggers! And I shall, on my next post. Right now I have to runnnnn.
Thank you for reading :]

30 Days of Blogging
Day 8- A photo that makes you angry/mad
Well I don't want to make anyone angry/mad so I'm not going to look for such a photo but I just anything... sad... suffering human beings reallllly get me.


Sarah said...

i LOVE this outfit x

Agata said...

love this jacket with black stuff!


akaCola said...

I love this outfit!...its so simple but so the color of your blazer...lookin great!!