Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's only exciting because I got new shoes.

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My birthday is Monday so my awesome mother took me out today to a very delicious and authentic venezuelan breakfast in a hole in a wall restaurant. It was AHHmazing. I haven't had Venezuelan food that good outside of my grandmother's kitchen. After stuffing our faces until moving was difficult we soldiered our way through the mall. Where I found these.
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My mother bought them for me as a birthday present. They are Vince Camuto and super duper comfortable. So yay, that made my birthday great.
I think its time to introduce you guys to my partner in overspending, silly moments, and great times. Mi Madre.
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No she didn't have me when she was 16. She was just blessed with awesome genes. Hoping I got some of those too. Ain't she a doll? A stylish doll!

30 Days of Blogging
Day 6- Whatever tickles your fancy
75 degrees and breezy weather. (That was today's weather :]) And rainy days when I have a good book or a good sound track.


LaurenSchoon said...

That's your mom?? Wow, she looks like she could be your sister! She's beautiful!

Tassssha :] said...

I LOVE YOU! I love your new shoes, I love Ofir, I love the fact that this blog updates me on your life. I've been so busy with school, but I always find time to check the blog! I adore youuuuuuu <33333

madeleine said...

your mom is gorgeous!! Happy birthday in advanced missy! And new shoes are always always always exciting! :D

stay classy

ediot said...

i thought for sure she would be an older sister- not your mom. she looks really good!
adore your outfit! the skirt is so nice. hope you had an wonderful weekend. thanks for stopping by me!

shoeless simone said...

I love your skirt!!
Thank you for the comment :)

-Shoeless Simone

Fashion Frenzy Online said...

UMMM do not even tell me you are wearing Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedges in the first two pictures! SUPER jealous.

Tee Sea said...

Wish u an early happy b-day and thanks for commenting and following my blog :)

Anonymous said...

great outfits!!! and i love the shoes!

Vivre² said...

Love @ all the shoes in this post!

Btw, happy birthday :)


Clara said...

lovely look
your blog is great!!

Fashion Chalet said...

In regards to your Jeffrey Campbell snick wedges: I want to get them too. :) I'm just not sure what size to order online? The clogs were 1 size small and I had to order up. But not sure on these? I'm an 8. Do I get the 8 or 9?

I saw your comment on Fashion Frenzy. ;)

Ps. I'm also a Florida girl. Originally from Miami (now in North Carolina.)


Federica - Bullets and butterflies said...

your outfit is stunning!

and your mom is veru beautiful ;)


Rae said...

I love your outfit! You look stunning!!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

Rae said...

By the way thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Don't hesitate on following mine!!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

E said...

Oh I just love the floral panels on your denim skirt!

Robyn said...

Your mom is so cute! Good genes in your family for sure.


{ I V Y } said...

love the florals!

Chasing Cherries said...

Love the shoes!!