Sunday, March 14, 2010

No such thing

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(f21 shirt and belt, handed down skirt, vintage bracelets and short chain necklace, Jeffrey Campbell wedges)
I fail by 2 hours and 35 minutes, to make my day TWO post of my 30 Days of Blogging. So I'm going to cheat and post something else later. Possibly the outfit I wore on Saturday to one of the best parties I've ever been to.

I've been ranting about wanting to find a demin shirt but not wanting to pay $60 dollars for one... welllll, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I stumbled upon an awesome demin shirt at PacSun on sale for only $20 AND my brother paid for it! So I win biggg time. The shirts were made to fit a little more taylored than I wanted a laid back demin shirt to fit so I went a size up. I shall post pictures as soon as I get the stuff I bought from Urban Outfitters. Once this arrives, I will be beyond ready for spring :]

Day Two of 30 Days of Blogging
Favorite movie-
Truth be told, there is no such thing as a favorite movie for me. I've seen a lot of movies and have loved oh so many of them but none hold the number one spot in my heart.
So... what's YOUR favorite movie? Maybe you can help me find mine.


F Blog said...

i love the wedges! and score on getting the denim shirt!

Sarah J said...

this feature is great! i've been trying to find a good denim shirt for a while now, yours is lovely, and you wear it so well!!

Nita-Karoliina said...

Great blog!
You have so pretty legs :)

Agata said...

these wedges are actually more than awesome!