Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday

This entire week I've been in total love with the Arctic Monkeys. I've always liked them but I definitely forgot about them for a while until I heard they were coming to Tampa and googled them to find out they came out with a new album late in 2009... and well, I'm soooo in love with it. The music, the somewhat different more grown up sound, the amazing lyrics and ALEX FREAKING TURNER! Goddd, he is so precious! I think my heart is going to fall out of my chest with every note he'll sing. This week of cyber stalking him I came to find out that he has a girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend but ALEXA CHUNG! How cute right? Alex and Alexa.... my heart is still broken.
Here are some pictures of stylish musicians

Alex broke my heart Turner and Alexa Chung

Caleb Followil and model girlfriend Lily Aldridge

Shingai Shoniwa lead singer of the Noisettes


Devendra Banhart

Santagold, Julian Casablanca (Strokes), Pharell (N.E.R.D) ad for Converse

Just Delicious :]


Lexy said...

Love these--super inspiring! I saw Devendra in concert on Wednesday night--love that you put him on here:)

cute blog!


Rose said...

ohhh, i alove alexa and alex! too cute...they almost even look alike...haha, great post! :)
xoxo, rose

Nadine said...

Love this post, Alex Turner is beautiful!
Thanks for your comment on my blog xx

Ana said...

love alexa! she´s so inspiring!interesting post :) saludos desde españa!