Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Fille

I've been dreaming of headbands a lot lately. I feel they look funny on me but I still very much adore them.
I found this strictly headbands brand. Little Fille. Even the name is so appropriate and precious. These are definitely the amazing headbands ever. I guess they must be if this is their specialization.

You can find these at


Maria Tavares said...

Loved this post! It looks adorable :D

EleanorRose said...

ive been dying to brave myself into purchasing a headband, although i was thinking of starting with one far less extravagant, but these are wonderful! cute blog, glad you liked mine xxx

avalonne said...

I love these rope headbands, I love headbands in general! I'm doing a Rodarte for Target tulle dress giveaway, please feel free to enter :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable ! Rope & laces, who'd have thought:) hahaha

Luna : said...

i love them!!