Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pick me up at a thrift store - Part Two

Here it is. The shorts that came with the top from the last post. This was the second time I wore these in a week. I just feel so fantastic in them and so tall! I can't explain why but I just do. I also get a lot of looks in these. Pleasant looks! Excuse the exaggerated number of pictures. I just love this back yard and the lighting was amazing. And this little girl loves pictures! I am her babysitter :]


Anonymous said...

Hey Herald! Photos rae so pretty!
I love the skirt, real cute. The whole outfit is great! Also loving the top in your previous post. What an awesome suit!! Hahaha
Cathy x

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Great spring combo. The floral print with the mesh black top is a lovely contrast, and you just look super in it.

madeleine said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! gorgeous lady!

stay classy,

Lisa said...

I love this outfit. That shirt is so cool and it pairs so well w/ the floral skirt.

Margaret said...

and they look fantastic on you!
and she is so adorable :)
great blog miss
loving your style
stop by some time xx

mel said...

wow those shorts are AMAZING seriously, the most awesoem shorts ever! you look stunning, and that little girl is so cute!

vicky h. said...

ok, 3 things!

1. you are gorgeous!
2. love your about me...dreaming away about the possibilities of life is the BEST
3. great blog!

Bikinis & Passports

p.s. thank you so much for stopping by! glad I came across your blog that way...will be back for more daily!

Clare said...

Love your t shirt, it's awesome! The little girl is so cute :)

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

tweet tweet tweet


Sidney said...

hey Herald! thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)
i love yours so much you have great style. the little girl is so so cute.

Sid xx

Tracy said...

The Pictures are so pretty. totally
love the skirt. You have got a great Blog. Thanks for commenting my blog.

xoxo, tracy

Fernanda dauphine said...

1st time here =)
cool pics =) I really liked the floral skirt!!

Jessica said...

wow, you seriously look amazing, i love everything about this outfit, especially the shoes! ya girl :)

Mina said...

lovely photos, such a nice outfit :)

Robyn said...

Awww, she's SO cute! Haha I love the photo of you watering her flower. :) The top you're wearing here is amazing, and I really just love the whole outfit. You're rocking those floral shorts... I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair!


miss salazar said...

I really like your outfit honey!