Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to black

I've worn out my love of florals for this month. I have this problem... binging on stuff I love and finally wanting nothing to do with it. This is what I did with Florals. Ill like them again in about a month. So this is what I love right now.



Gareth Pugh Wedges via

Devendra Banhart being cool dressed so well
Sophie Vlaming by Stefania Paparelli | Grey Spring 2010 via

baggy socks at Nastygal via


Here is something else I've been exposing myself to in large doses. This has been going on since the Arctic Monkeys show. They were the opening band and I just can't get enough.

Speaking of the Arctic Monkeys show, I should let you guys know that I ruined these shoes

That was my second time wearing them so yes, I am still in mourning. When I realized they were destroyed I put them back in their box and haven't looked at them since then. I am sort of hoping they will self repair.


Sarah said...

LOVE the rings and grunge jewellery! and those wedges :P
how did your shoes get ruined??

Nicole Jarecz said...

i wish i had those collection of rings!

bravegrrl said...

i love all this stuff!!! i just bought those socks from nastygal yesterday and can't wait to get them!!!


FashionJazz said...

Luv everything! xx